Nestle Toll House Unveils Edible Cookie Dough

Cookie dough is one of the most well known and beloved flavors in existence. Baking cookies is an activity that many people are familiar with and eating cookie dough straight from the bowl or spoon is a fond memory for many different people and a concept that many people can identify with.

However, consuming cookie dough raw is very unhealthy, and there are plenty of warnings on cookie dough labels about not doing this, although many people tend not to listen. People don’t make headlines for getting salmonella after eating cookie dough either. But now, one of the most well-known cookie companies is making cookie dough eaters dreams come true.

Nestle Toll House has announced a line of completely edible cookie dough which can be purchased straight off of the grocery store shelf and eating totally safe. And not only that, but these new edible cookie doughs come in different flavors.


The first flavor is Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Monster, which is described as a combination of peanut butter, cookie dough,  M&M’s, oats and chocolate chips. A chocolate lovers dream come true in a pint. The second flavor is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, which is the edible cookie dough covered in chocolate chips. One flavor is for die hard cookie dough lovers and the other is a texture filled adventure for your mouth.

Both pints feature the iconic Nestle Toll House yellow label with the logo and each flavor is different based on the colored label.  Right now, consumers can find these new edible cookie dough products at Publix stores across the southwest as well as Meijer stores across the Midwest.  The new products are also available at Walmart stores across the nation.

Regional grocery chains are also going to be carrying these edible cookie dough products by July. The expected retail price is $4.97 for one 15 ounce container of edible cookie dough.

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