Nestle Toll House Releases Flavored Dessert Curls

Nestle is one of the most beloved baking companies in the world, making a variety of chocolate and dessert items which are immensely popular. They offer a wide range of baking chips, cookie dough products and dessert topping options. Now, they are adding a new product to the mix, which is also ideal for srink toppings as well.

The newest product is the Nestle Toll House Curls, which are jars of chocolate curls which are a great topping for cupcakes, cakes and other desserts. Currently, these chocolate curls, which get their shape from being shavings from a bar of chocolate, are available in three flavors. The flavors are white chocolate, red and white curls and chocolate curls.

The white chocolate curls are made with real white chocolate and real vanilla, the chocolate curls are made with real chocolate and real vanilla, and the red and white curls are made with real white chocolate and food coloring.


Each product comes in its own shaker bottle and contains about 3.8-ounces of baking curls. Each container currently has a retail price of about four dollars and is available in the baking aisle of some regional grocery stores. Right now, the red and white chocolate curls are available in Hy-Vee stores across the Midwest.

These curls are not only delicious, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. Placing chocolate curls on vanilla frosting would be a beautiful and delicious dessert. Depending on how well these new baking curls do, the product could be expanded to other grocery store chains across the country. These new baking curls are also available on

These baking curls are perfect for holiday baking, as the red and white curls even resemble peppermint candies.  Right now, the chocolate curls and the white chocolate curls are available at grocery stores like Giant Eagle, Hy-Vee, Meijer, Publix, and Schnucks Markets. Hopefully, they will expand in the near future.