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Nestle Launches Made to Order KitKat Bars in UK

KitKats are one of the most recognizable candy bars in the world. The combination of creamy chocolate and the crispy wafer is a flavorful and textured filled combination, which is also versatile enough to include any flavor imaginable.

KitKats can be made into many different flavors, and are even so popular in Japan that many flavors are only specific to that country or even certain regions due to immense popularity. Now Nestle, the company that makes KitKats, is taking the versatile candy to a whole other level.

KitKats lovers in the United Kingdom will now be able to create custom, made to order luxury KitKar bars. However, these custom bars come with a high price tag of at least fourteen pounds a bar. Customers will be able to order these bars through a pop-up store in john Lewis’s shp in London, and choose from 1,500 possible flavour combinations.


According to Allen, “KitKat was launched in the 1930s and one of the reasons it has endured for so long is because it has been able to evolve. These are luxury, handcrafted chocolates and I think it will positively surprise people how far you can stretch this brand.”

Customers will be able to make a KitKat from cocao nibs, rose petals and many other exotic ingredients. There are also special edition flavors like marmalade, whiskey and ginger and Earl Grey which come with their own price tag. Orders will also be available to make online through a website, although it’s unclear if the shipping is worldwide or not.

The new luxury candy bar customization is expected to help improve the holiday season market, as well as a younger generation who seem to enjoy and purchase more of the specialty flavors of chocolate than the traditional milk chocolate. Customers can also gift the KitKats to someone, and leave a message for the sender on the gift box.

Source: PaperSpecs