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Mullally Taking Short Break From Two Episodes Of Will And Grace

With the bumped up premiere of the eleventh and final season of the NBC sitcom comes the news that one of the four main stars will be missing in at least two episodes.  The character of Karen Walker, expertly portrayed from the very first episode of the series by Megan Mullally, will be absent from a couple of the season’s episodes.  However, the main question is—why?

According to an article posted to TVLine, the word is that Megan Mullally put in for what is termed as a short term leave of absence.  Ipso, facto—no Mullally, no Karen!  The two episodes in questions are said to be later in the season, and as the season has just begun, it is a pretty good guess she will be present in the next few episodes.

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There has been no mention or explanation from the Mullally camp as to the reason for the leave of absence.  In fact, her recent Twitter and Instagram posts offered no other information than to hype the moved up season 11 premiere.  She even posted a Twitter video, which showed what appeared to be her in the middle of filming an episode.

NBC hasn’t offered any official comments on the reason for Mullally’s absence from the two episodes.  Still, fans are speculating on the rumors that are making the rounds that suggest that the perfect foursome may not be quite so perfect after all.

To be more accurate, the rumors and speculations began to fly earlier this year, when fans noticed that Megan Mullally and her co-star Debra Messing appeared to have stopped following each other on Instagram.  There was also the fact that they were being seen in photos nearly as frequently as they previously had.

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It is worth mentioning that it seems Mullally has stopped following her other co-star Sean Hayes on Instagram as well. Mullally and Hayes characters on the series are thick as thieves, and it causes fans to wonder if the chemistry will still be there, as there does seem to be quite a bit of behind the scenes drama and strife.