MoviePass May Rise From Its Own Ashes

Like a zombie from even the most B-rated movie, MoviePass is rising from the grave—and it is the former services subscribers who are feeling the ghastly chill.

If would seem that as if MoviePass didn’t have enough problems when they were IN business, now it appears that their problems continue even though they are no longer operating.  After dealing with the persistent cashflow problems, along with its multitude of aggravated customers, the movie ticket subscription service decided to call it quits and closed its virtual downs this past September.

Image: CNBC

However, much like an unwanted apparition (okay, I will quit with the cheesy horror metaphors!), several former members of the subscription service have reported what appears to be suspicious charges on their previous accounts.  Since the charges occurred after MoviePass had already shut down, many are left wondering if the service employed any other not so up and up business practices.

In recent reports, it has been said that MoviePass continued to charge many of its former subscribers, via their credit cards, for their subscription service well after their September shutdown.  One subscriber, living in Chicago, made not of two charges on their credit card—one for $9.95 and yet another for $5.64.

Image: NPR

Even though there have been multiple individuals claiming charges as well, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe went so far as to make a statement claiming the reports were, in fact, all false as well as saying they were isolated incidents at best.  He went on to downplay any possibility of illegal practices on the company’s part.

“One single subscriber, out of the many thousands of MoviePass subscribers, was charged $9.95 on September 15 and has been refunded that amount.  We are aware that some of our subscribers have mistaken refunds appearing on their credit card statements for charges.”

It is being reported that a former CEO of MoviePass is trying to buy the company himself.  So, it may be that the saga of the subscription service may not be over, but just like any good movie franchise, awaiting its sequel.