Milky Way Salted Caramel Bars Coming October 2019

With the temperatures dropping outside, the leaves beginning to change color and the holiday season quickly approaching, the seasonal flavors are also hitting store shelves. Controversial yet beloved flavors like pumpkin spice, apple cider and salted caramel are now available as coffee, tea, cookies, cakes, and much more.

However, these flavors have largely been passed over in candy bars. But now, one candy bar is changing the game. Milky Way recently announced that a Milky Way Salted Caramel flavor would be available to the public in October 2019, although the new flavor will be available exclusively at Walmart. It will also be available in the 3.16-ounce  share size, which is perfect for giving out as Halloween candy.

Although, the new candy bar will be available in all types of store shelves nationwide by January 2020, including major and regional chains. The candy bars will be available in the 1.56 ounce single size, and the fun size 3.38 ounce six-packs. There is no official information available on whether this flavor will be a limited edition or what a retail price for each type will be.


Milky Way announced the new flavor on the social media platform Instagram last week, providing a sneak peek at the official packaging for the salted caramel flavor. The overall packaging will be a teal green color, with the traditional Milky Way logo over a swirl of light and dark brown circles. The words salted caramel appear on the right in large block orange letters, surrounded by dark brown and covered with light dots to resemble the appearance of salted caramel.

This is on par with previous Milky Way flavors, whose flavor reflects in the dark packaging on the outside of the candy bar. It also makes sense to release this new flavor in the fall, as salted caramel can be enjoyed year round, but is even better when the temperatures are cold outside.