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Meals On Wheels—For Pets

More than 2.4 million Americans, between the ages of 60 and over 100 years old, participate in the Meals on Wheels food service program each year.  However, for those seniors with pets, there has often been the need to decide on feeding themselves or their pets.

Now, thanks to a program initiated by the Meals on Wheels program, no senior will have to make this difficult choice again.  In an effort to help those seniors who rely on their program, MOW now offers assistance for pets in the way of providing food to those qualified low-income individuals, so that they may adequately care for their companions.

Image: US Weekly

One such individual, Maria True, now has help with caring for her loving Daisy.  She has been on a fixed income for some time and recounts how she would share her own food with her Daisy, in an effort to help to save money.

“A lot of times, I feed her when I’m eating some.  She likes turkey sometimes.  If I get turkey lunch meat, spread that out too, so it’s not expensive.”

However, the program doesn’t stop at just food.  It also provides other items that the companions need, such as treats, bones, and even medication from their vet to keep them happy and healthy.

Image: Houston Chronicle

Many seniors in our nation only have the love of a cat or dog as a companion.  That is why a program available to Ohio seniors, through Lifecare Alliance Senior Petcare, makes sure that no senior has to make any difficult decisions.

True said that she is very thankful that she no longer has to make such an important and arduous decision anymore.  She, like other seniors, feel that they should never have to think about the possibility of giving up their furry companions.

Quite simply put, seniors need their pets—period!  For those individuals who live by themselves, their pets are their entire world.  And as such, they are more than companions, they are family.