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Matt Reeves’ Batman Movie Not An Origin Story

By far one of the most anticipated future films of DC Comics is The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves (War for the Planet of the Apes). This will be the first Batman film in nearly a decade (the last being 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises), if you don’t count his appearances in Batman v. Superman (2016), Suicide Squad (2016), and Justice League (2017). The film is set to star Robert Pattinson in the lead role. While the film only went into production a few months ago, we’ve been getting some sneak peeks, as with set photos of Pattinson in the Batman suit and a look at his more versatile Batmobile.

Matt Reeves recently sat down with Nerdist to discuss the kind of Batman film he’s going for.

“I’m going to pitch the version of Batman that I would do, which is going to have a humanist bent. And who knows if they’ll have any interest? If they don’t, then I won’t do it. And that’ll be okay. I was really lucky that they said yes.”

He went on further explaining how he wants to approach his picture with appeal more to emotion than a simple action, in addition to not being bound by a connected universe.

“It’s not even like that’s an approach that I take, like it’s some kind of idea of, ‘Wouldn’t it be great?’ It’s sort of the only thing that allows me to understand how to do it. I can only understand where the camera goes and how to talk about the story, how to write the story, how to talk to the actors, if I understand emotionally what it is I have to do. Otherwise I’d be lost. Some people are incredible choreographers and they know how to create an incredible visual dance, or all of that kind of stuff. And I love that kind of stuff. But at the end of the day, I have to understand it emotionally.”

More importantly, Reeves opened up about how his film wouldn’t simply be an origins story.

“I wanted to do not an origin tale, but a tale that would still acknowledge his origins, in that it formed who he is. Like this guy, he’s majorly struggling, and this is how he’s trying to rise above that struggle. But that doesn’t mean that he even fully understands, you know. It’s that whole idea of the shadow self and what’s driving you, and how much of that you can incorporate, and how much of it you’re doing that you’re unaware of.”

The Batman currently has a release date set for June 25, 2021 but there’s no telling if it’ll meet this date as production has been put on hold during the social distancing of the COVID-19 pandemic.