Mad About You: Where Are They Now?

We’ve entered a time of classic TV reboots and “Mad About You” has joined the league. In April 2018, Sony announced they would revive the 12-time Emmy-winning show with both original stars Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser. The show’s 7-season run from 1992-1999 followed married couple Jamie and Paul Buchman in New York City as their careers blossomed and they dealt with family, friends, and eventually parenthood. Let’s take a look back (and forward!) at the characters, storylines, and what these “Mad About You” stars have been up to recently!

Helen Hunt as Jamie Buchman

Back when the show was casting its stars, Helen Hunt and Teri Hatcher were up for the leading role of “James ‘Jamie’ Buchman.” Helen Hunt ultimately booked the job and joined Paul Reiser as the show’s married couple. Throughout the show’s run, Jamie works as a public relations specialist, experiences ups and downs with friends and family, and becomes a mother. 

Helen’s career skyrocketed during production of “Mad About You.” She won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1998 for her part in As Good As It Gets. When “Mad About You” ended in 1999, Helen’s career didn’t slow down. She starred in four major films in 2000: Dr. T And The Women, Cast Away, What Women Want, and Pay It Forward. In 2012, she was nominated for another Academy Award, this time for Best Supporting Actress, for The Sessions. Her movie work has slowed down a bit. Her most recent film is The Miracle Season in 2018.