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Mac & Cheese Pringles Have Finally Returned

Snacks are a wonderful food innovation, and there are incredibly shelf-stable, which makes them really readily available and inexpensive. Pringles are one of the most popular and recognizable snacks across the United States and are a crunchy chip that can be infused with a wide variety of different flavors.

Back in 2017, Pringles introduced a Thanksgiving dinner inspired Pringle tray, which includes a variety of flavors in one pack to resemble the flavors that would surround a traditional Thanksgiving dinner table. One of the chip flavors was macaroni and cheese. Now, Pringles has decided to bring back the Mac ‘N Cheese Pringles flavor in their very own tube of Pringles!

The cheesy flavor will be available in a deep blue Pringles shaped tube and will be available to customers for a limited time only.  The traditional Pringles logo is included, as well as the Pringles mascot and an image of a chip surrounded by macaroni noodles and a cup of cheese with a spoon in it.


Each Pringles can will include five and a half ounces of potato chips with the macaroni and cheese flavor. These cheesy chips will be available to customers at Dollar General locations across the United States for just one dollar and fifty cents a can.

There has been no official word on whether or not these macaroni and cheese flavored Pringles will be available at other stores, or for how long they will be on store shelves. In addition, the brand is also bringing back the popular bacon-flavored Pringles, which first debuted on store shelves five years ago.

According to avid snack consumers, the Macaroni and Cheese Pringles were the favorite snack chip flavor from the limited Thanksgiving dinner chip run, with people giving praise to the level of cheesiness in each individual chip.