array(0) { } Love Raw Cookie Dough? Check Out These Businesses That Make It Safe To Eat!

Love Raw Cookie Dough? Check Out These Businesses That Make It Safe To Eat!

When you’re making a batch of cookies, do you always want a spoonful of the raw dough? Unless you’re making special egg-free cookies, this can be dangerous, and health experts say even raw flour can contain bacteria like E. coli. However, because eating raw dough is a universal desire, there are lots of companies out there making safe edible cookie dough in a huge variety of flavors. Here are some to check out today:

The Cookie Dough Cafe

Sisters Julia and Joan started selling their safe edible cookie dough online and at Illinois grocery stores in 2011, and after earning the investments of Lori and Steve on the TV show “Shark Tank,” The Cookie Dough Cafe took off. You can now find jars in 10,000 stores across the country. Flavors include classic chocolate chip, Oreo, monster (PB, oats, chocolate chips, and M & M’s, and more. They even make a vegan flavor, Brownie Batter. If you live in Portland, you can visit the brand’s physical Cookie Dough Cafe and chow down.

Edoughble’s site banner provides a peek at their flavors


After hearing about a huge recall of cookie dough after it sickened people trying to eat it raw, trained pastry chef Rana crafted an all-natural edible dough that contained no egg, raw flour, or chemical leavener. The company “Edoughble,” an invented word that combines “edible” and “dough,” launched in 2013. Since then, they’ve released a huge range of unique flavors like Cold Brew Espresso Chip, Lady in Red Velvet Chip, and Brown Butter Pecan Brrrittle. Six of the flavors are either gluten-free, Paleo, non-dairy, or vegan. They even sell a “Dough-It-Yourself” that consists of naked dough flavors like original, sugar, chocolate, and peanut butter, along with candy mix-ins, so you can create your very own flavor.

P.S. Snacks

This edible cookie dough brand is jumping on a few wagons with its plant-based, health(ier) products. The recipes don’t contain any eggs, soy, gluten, or refined sugars, and they’re all vegan and non-GMO. Ingredients include natural almond butters, organic coconut oil, and chickpeas. Since this is still cookie dough, we can’t call this “health food,” but when each 3-ounce serving has just 10 grams of sugar, it’s definitely healthier. There are only three flavors right now (chocolate chip, fudge brownie, and peanut butter), and they’re a bit pricey, but if you’ve stopped spending money on other treats and need something to fill the gap, P.S. Snacks is a good option.

You won’t have to lick these cookie doughs off a mixer