Lion Pride Devours Poachers

In what appears to be an attempt to make money from rhino horns, ended up with several individuals meeting with a fatal demise.

Image: Youtube

When workers arrived at the Sibuya Game Reserve in Eastern Province, South Africa they found what appeared to be a head and several bloodied body parts.   After closer investigation it appeared that the resident lion pride had feasted on a group of poachers who had illegally entered the reserve.

After the gruesome discovery, the game reserve called in helicopters to search and make sure there were no further trespassers on the premises.  After it was confirmed that no other poachers were present, a veterinarian was called in the tranquilize each member of the pride.  After tranquilized, area law enforcement retrieved the remaining body parts from the prides collective stomachs.

The owner of the game reserve, Nick Fox stated that when all was said and done they found enough remains, along with empty shoes, to indicate at least three poachers had been mauled and devoured by the members of the pride.  He went on to say that the bush around the reserve was very thick and they had yet to rule out with absolute certainty that there weren’t more poachers involved.

Fox also stated that they had found hunting rifles and axes, along with enough provisions to last the three of them several days.  From the fact that they appeared to be as heavily armed as they were, it was speculated that they had intentions of slaughtering the reserves entire rhino population.  Fox has no doubt that the poachers had every intention of killing every rhino, and then chopping of their horns to sale on the black market.


Fox stated that the lions were the reserves watchers and protectors, and it would seem that the poachers picked the wrong pride to challenge and go up against.