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LEGO Introduces Dinosaur Fossil Sets

LEGO is one of the most recognizable toy brands in the world. The make buildable blocks which are so versatile that you can build pretty much anything that you can think of. LEGO is still one of the most popular and sought after toys on the market today, and is really steeped in pop culture and trends.

LEGO has lines of toys for boys and girls, as well as popular television and film franchises and historical figures. It makes sense that LEGO would also introduce the ability to build dinosaurs, one of the most discussed animals that has ever lived.

However, the dinosaur LEGO set is actually a LEGO IDEAS set, which means it was not an original LEGO idea, but one submitted by a fan. Both the idea and the prototype build was submitted by a fan creator and in this case, it is French web designer, Jonathan Brunn.



This LEGO IDEAS dinosaur fossils set is scheduled to be released to the public on November 1, 2019. The entire set has a retail price of $59.99 and includes three full skeleton models; 2 dinosaur skeleton models (Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops) and the pterosaur reptile (Pteranodon) skeleton toy.

the entire kit has 910 pieces in total,  and there is also a paleontologist toy mini figurine with various accessories for imaginative role-play fun, a sapiens skeleton figure with a display stand, a buildable crate, a dinosaur egg, bone, hat and book elements as well. The kit is designed for kids ages sixteen years and older, but both kids and adults alike that enjoy dinosaurs will love this.

The dinosaur models are built to 1:32 scale, can be adjusted into lifelike poses and displayed on stands just like in a museum. Many of the pieces are completely white, which makes it simple to see intricate details and that the instruction manual is probably pretty large.