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Leave Them In The Cold — Go To Jail Do Not Pass GO

As one who has been a canine lover, and having grown up around dogs almost all my life, when I ran across this news I literally jumped out of my chair for joy.

There are a lot of things that other dog owners due that gets my hackles up, but the ones that really get me going are those who abandon their dogs to the outside, even in the worst of weather.  Now, maybe they will think twice about that with this new law.

Image: Simplemost

This past June, the state of Pennsylvania signed into law House Bill 1238.  Known as Libre’s Law, it is designed to protect all pets against cruelty, abuse, and neglect.  The section of the law that really got me excited was that of being fined for leaving your pets out in harsh winter conditions.  If done so, the owner could not only be fined, very well be brought up on felony charges.

The new Pennsylvania laws state:

“…animals cannot be left outside for more than thirty minutes in temperatures above ninety or below thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit.”

Any pet owner that is caught of ignoring and breaking this law can not only be charged with a felony, which would be punishable by seven years in prison, but they could also be fined for up to $15,000.

Image: The Blissful Dog

With this newly signed in law, there is a hope that the days of pets being abused in such a way will or have come to an end.  Legislators encourage anyone within the state that witnesses pets being subjected to abuse or neglect to call 911 immediately.

I, for one, think this should have been a law long before now.  And I think it should be enacted in all fifty of the states.  Here’s hoping that the other forty-nine remaining states take a cue from Pennsylvania and enact their own such laws sooner rather than later.