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Kroger Stores To Phase Out All Plastic Grocery Bags By 2025—Segueing To Reusable Bags

The grocery chain, Kroger, recently announced that plastic bags will soon be an item of the past, as the corporation is doing away with and eliminating the item across all their stores.  The phasing out of the single-use bag is part of Kroger’s Zero Hunger/Zero Waste initiative.

The chain of stores, Washington-based QFC and a division of Kroger, was the first to eliminate the plastic bags entirely.  The other stores within the chain have set a goal of having the plastic bags entirely phased out by 2025.

Image: WTAP

Director of QFC, Suzy Monford, stated that they were listening carefully to both the customers and the community that was voicing their concerns about the single use, throw away plastic bags.  This feedback is what initiated the change, and the company encourages all their customers to join in the zero waste initiative.

When announcing the change, Kroger cited statistics that estimated that as many as 100 billion throwaway single-use plastic bags are discarded by United States residents each and every year.  On another hand, less than 5 percent of those same plastic bags are estimated to actually be recycled within the United States each and every year.

The forward-thinking plan that Kroger is setting into motion is a lofty one, and as stated will not happen right away.  It will take both time and the support of their customers to see it through.  With the phasing out of the throwaway plastic bags, Kroger will offer reusable bags to be sold at $1 each.

Image: Twitter

The initiative is set to take place in all the Kroger stores nationwide, which currently total 2,800.  There are sure to be detractors from the idea, and the fact of having to pay $1 per each reusable bag will probably factor in for those who are against the plan.  However, in the end, the zero waste initiative as a whole is a pretty good plan and idea.