array(0) { } “Joker” Narrowly Wins Over “Maleficent” At Box Office

“Joker” Narrowly Wins Over “Maleficent” At Box Office

With no major blockbusters being released over the weekend, it was a ripe time for the current top films in the box office to take a victory lap. This weekend was a close one of clowns and witches duking it out for the spot. It seems strangely fitting for the last box office weekend before Halloween.

“Joker,” already becoming a big hit for Warner Bros as a villain solo picture, narrowly arrived at #1 for the weekend with $18.9 million, the domestic total now sitting at $277 million, making it the highest-grossing domestic R-rated movie ever. As many have already pointed out, the film has yet to debut in China and in several international markets which means the international total could drive the picture higher. The top spot for the film in its third weekend was a close one for the competition of Disney’s “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,” the revisionist fantasy adventure. Now in its second weekend, the film made $18.5 million for the weekend, the domestic total now sitting at $65 million.

There were still a few small films that cropped up below the top 5. Sitting at #5 is the horror film “Countdown,” making $9 million. Just below it was “Black and Blue,” a cop thriller, making $8.3 million. Also worth noting is that the psychosexual horror film “The Lighthouse” opened into more theaters for its second weekend to arrive at #8 with a weekend gross of $3.6 million.

Check out the top 10 box office weekend results below:

Joker ($18,900,000)
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil ($18,537,000)
The Addams Family ($11,705,007)
Zombieland: Double Tap ($11,600,000)
Countdown ($9,009,000)
Black and Blue ($8,325,000)
Gemini Man ($4,000,000)
The Lighthouse ($3,080,782)
The Current War: Director’s Cut ($2,730,200)
Abominable ($2,000,000)