JELL-O Slime is Now a Real Thing

The phrase don’t play with your food just became obsolete. Slime is a pretty popular toy for kids to play with, as it’s colorful and sticky, and leads to hours of fun molding it into various shapes. But now, slime is also a toy that can be eaten and enjoyed.

JELL-O is the company behind the groundbreaking new product of JELL-O Play, a completely edible form of slime. The slime, which is normally made by mixing glue and other chemicals with food coloring, is actually made from gelatin so it is safe to be consumed.

Currently, JELL-O Play comes in two different versions. There is the Unicorn Slime, which has a strawberry flavor and a pinkish slime color as well. The second version is Monster Slime, which is the traditional slime green color and is flavored with lime. The slime comes in a fifteen-ounce canister and is 100% edible.

These new products will officially be released on December 1, although pre-orders are available on right now. The Unicorn Slime is currently priced at $9.99 and is on sale. The Monster Slime is available for $9.99. All you need to do once you buy the slime is add water and enjoy!

The products are available as single packs or double packs as well, and each individual canister makes two batches of slime. The canister also includes a measuring scoop to help with the water pouring.

This new slime product is also easy to clean up, just simply use soap and water. No need to worry about a sticky mess of goo on fingers and countertops. The consistency of the slime is stretchy, although it will snap back together quickly when pulled out.

This edible slime product is being marketed as a great product for children’s parties, although adults will certainly enjoy the slime as well. There is also no word on whether this is a limited edition item or if it will be on store shelves permanently.