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Is Your Smartphone Secure? These Clues Could Mean Your Phone Has Been Hacked

One of the most frightening crimes today is hacking. You have to protect your computer from hackers every time you get online, check your email — or even open your internet browser. A single wrong click or download could make your entire computer, and all of your personal information, vulnerable to hackers who’ll steal your identity.

And while hackers have been a threat to our computers for decades now, they’re beginning to target us in new ways. They’re turning to smartphones.

Phones rarely used to be a target for hackers and information thieves. But now, thanks to the prevalence of smartphones, hackers are using new, frightening tricks to break into your smartphone. And once cyber criminals gain access to your phone, they steal your personal and financial information and make a killing by selling it on the web. 

Smartphone hacking incidents are on the rise, and they’re becoming more common each day. If you aren’t careful and cautious, your smartphone could make you the next hacking victim. In fact, some behaviors and changes to your smartphone could mean you’ve already been hacked — have you noticed or done any of the following?

Your Phone Shows Unfamiliar Outgoing Calls or Texts

Do you recognize all of the outgoing phone calls and sent text messages on your phone’s log? Are there a few you don’t remember making or sending? If so, you’ve likely been hacked. 

If there are calls or texts to numbers you don’t recognize, that’s a sign that a hacker may have access to your phone. This is also the case if your phone is making calls and sending texts when you aren’t using it. Often, the number of unfamiliar outgoing phone calls or text messages will increase once a hacker has gained access to your phone. And the longer these go unnoticed, the more the hacker will try to get away with. 

Make sure you check both your call log on your smartphone and your monthly bill for any unfamiliar calls and texts. 

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Your Battery Life is Getting Worse

Has your phone battery suddenly started to suck? If you used to be able to go a full day without a charge but now can’t make it more than a few hours without a charge, you need to be suspicious. You should also be concerned if you’re noticing your battery drains faster at certain times of the day.

There’s typically one of two common phenomenon happening when your battery begins needed more frequent charging. Your battery may be old and losing its ability to hold a charge. Or, there’s something running in the background on your device that’s sucking your battery life.

And if it’s the latter that’s causing your battery to drain, you need to be worried. Hackers will download malware onto smartphones they’ve managed to hack. And that malware runs in the background, often going unnoticed, while it accesses your information and slows down your phone’s processing speed. So, a bad battery life could mean someone is tapping into your phone’s information.

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