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Infant Miraculously Survives And Rescued From Apartment Complex Collapse

An infant boy was miraculously found and pulled alive, having survived thirty-five hours, from the remaining rubble of an apartment complex that collapsed on Tuesday in Moscow, Russia.  The same apartment collapse has reportedly claimed the lives of seven people, with dozens still missing and unaccounted for.

The ten-story complex collapsed on Monday, in what is being reported as an apparent explosion from a gas leak.  Searchers from the small town of Magnitogorsk heard crying amongst the strewn rubble and upon investigation were able to locate the infant and pull the child to safety.

Image: WTHR

The child, who was reportedly eleven months old, was said to be in a very serious condition when rescued.  He was reported as suffering from fractures, a head injury and an extreme condition of hypothermia and frostbite.  With the serious state of the infant’s injuries, his prospects of recovery were yet unknown.   He was flown to Moscow on Tuesday night, in a fevered attempt to save his life.

As of the Tuesday, there were still an estimated thirty-seven residents still missing and unaccounted for.  Hopes of finding more survivors were quickly dimmed by the dropping, cold temperatures.  Overnight temperatures had been running around eighteen degrees Celsius-zero Fahrenheit.  Through the Interfax news agency, regional governor Boris Dubrovsky stated that it is believed the infant survived because it was in a crib and nestled up warm in blankets.

Image: Las Vegas Review Journal

The rescue crews had to stop their efforts as they moved from section to section of the collapsed rubble.  This was so that those new to be explored areas could be shored up with better support in the effort to prevent further collapse.

It was reported that the infant’s mother survived the collapse as well, and she has since been to the hospital to claim the child.