Individual M&M Ice Cream Fun Cups Now Available

M&M’s are basically the most recognizable candy in the entire world. They have brick and mortar stores with every color M&M imaginable available. Customers can custom order M&M’s in any color or add images or texts. They are also available with almonds, pretzels, caramel, hazelnut and other fillings, some which are limited edition and some which are incredibly popular.

Also, M&M’s are a popular topping for ice cream. So it makes sense that M&M’s would release a new product which combines these two popular desserts together. Mars Candies recently announced a product called M&M’s Fun Cups, which are individual sized ice cream cups with M&M’s mixed inside. The ice cream is vanilla with a chocolate swirl and has a simple pull tab lide which is completely child friendly.

The product description includes that “M&M’s Fun Cups are a deliciously fun and colorful way to celebrate a special occasion, with 10 cups per bag, these M&M’s Vanilla Ice Cream Fun Cups are great for birthday parties, summer picnics, or sharing with a friend.”

Source: Our Pastimes

Each package comes with a total of ten individual fun cups and are available in the freezer section of major box stores like Walmart and Target, as well as grocery store chains across the United States. Each fun cup has about one hundred and thirty calories and is made with fat free ice cream. The retail price of these new products is about seven dollars.

These new M&M Fun Cups are also supposed to be a direct competition to The Breyer’s 90 calorie Oreo cups. These M&M Fun Cups are a nice bit of nostalgia for kids who remember getting individual ice cream cups with wooden spoons back in grade school. This new product is also supposed to remain on store shelves and won’t be a limited edition item.