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How To Line Dry Laundry Like A Champ–And Save Some $ In The Process

As we begin to head into the warmer months of the year, my mind moves from the indoors to the outdoors.  No more so than when it comes to drying my clothing.  During the spring and summer, I begin taking my laundry outside and drying it on a clothesline.  Not only does this give my clothing a brighter, fresher smell, it also saves me a few dollars on my electric bill.  I see this as nothing less than a win-win situation.

If you live in an area that permits laundry lines, make sure to install your line in a sunny spot, that the birds do not perch above.  The reason for the birds…well, I think you can figure that one out yourself.

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Make sure the clothespins you use are very durable and open easily.  The most highly suggested type is that of the wooden ones—as they have a spring and are very reliable.  Next, before hanging your laundry onto the line, shake everything really well.  This goes a long way in helping to minimize and lessen any wrinkles.

Hanging your whites out on a laundry line will help to utilize the sun’s ability to powerfully bleach whites such as those oh so dingy looking sheets.  In the same fashion, to help minimize bleaching by the sun, turn those brighter or darker items inside out before hanging.  Another good tip is to hang shirts from the bottom, and pants from the waistband.  This is to afford the opportunity of the clothespin marks showing in a less conspicuous area.

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Finally, some items that are not made for line drying are anything with down, such as jackets, comforters or even sleeping bags.  When hung to dry the down tends to settle into one large clump.  Sweaters are another item to avoid line drying, as they will better maintain their proper form and shape when laid flat to dry.