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House Thieves Return Stolen Puppy To Devastated 4-Year Old

There’s something about a 4-year old child who misses her puppy that just makes your heart melt, even if you’re a house thief who stole the puppy in the first place.

Earlier this week, Ryan Hood and his wife, Elena Sardi, were the victims of a burglary at their home in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to stealing jewelry and a laptop, the thieves also took the family dog, Sasha, a Labrador who is just 8-weeks old. The couple’s 4-year old daughter, Maia, was devastated by the loss of her puppy.

The story of the stolen puppy was picked up by the national media in Australia. Ryan and Elena told news outlets that Sasha had a medical condition that needed to attention. They also said Maia had not been the same since losing her “best friend.”

But a few days after the robbery, Sasha magically reappeared in her outside kennel. Elena spotted something moving in their backyard Wednesday morning, and sure enough, it was Sasha.

“It’s unbelievable. I started screaming her name, and Maia and Ryan came running out,” Elena recalls. “We couldn’t believe it. We were hugging her and crying. It was such a great feeling.”

Of course, how exactly Sasha got back home after going missing following the robbery remains a mystery. But for Sasha’s family, it doesn’t matter all that much.

“We think that whoever took her has either has a conscience or got scared and just dropped her over the fence,” says Ryan. We don’t care to be honest, we’re just glad to have her back.”

None of the other stolen items were returned and the investigation into the burglary continues. But Sasha is back and appears to be in good health. More importantly, Maia has her best friend back.

“Maia is happy again,” says Elena. “I can tell the difference now Sasha’s back; Maia is back as well.”