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Hostess Unveils Pudding Dessert Kits

Hostess is the most well-known snack brand in the country. They brought us the Twinkie, the yellow spongey snack cake filled with cream and the Ding Dong, the round chocolate sandwich filled with cream which have always been staples on grocery store shelves and school lunchboxes.

Now, Hostess has introduced these beloved desserts in a whole new format. The snack company recently announced a new product called Dessert kits, which are basically pudding versions of twinkies and ding dongs. There are three new dessert kits, one for original Twinkies, one for Ding Dongs, and one for the iconic Hostess Cupcakes.

Each product comes in its own box, and includes an instant pudding mix for either Twinkies or Ding Dongs, and a cream filling mix to put in between the pudding mix. Toppings are not incuded. Although, the ding dong box also includes a chocolate flavored drizzle.

The third product is Orange CupCakes, which is made with Orange CupCakes instant pudding, cream filling mix, and orange-flavored drizzle. The desserts themselves are easy to construct as well. To make the Ding Dongs Dessert Kit,  just mix the pudding mix with milk and let it set in the fridge for one hour. Then, mix the cream filling mix with milk and layer it with the pudding once it’s ready ( to look like a parfait), and the chocolate drizzle completes the dessert.


Each box is around seven ounces in weight and includes one dessert kit in each box. There is no official retail price for these new Hostess Dessert Kits, although they will be similarly priced to its other products. Also, this new product seems to be available only regional at the moment, in HEB grocery chain across the midwest. Customers have been able to purchase these new Dessert Kits since the end of September.

Source: (Scott Olson/Getty Images)