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39 Insanely Cool Home Hacks And Gadgets You Never Knew About

What do Solo cups, coat hangers, old TV antennas, ridges on the sides of coins, and that little hole next to the camera lens on an iPhone all have in common?  They are all very common household items, prevalent throughout our every day lives hiding some very neat tricks and secrets.  These items can solve LOADS of pesky little issues around the house when repurposed correctly.  After all, when it comes to cleaning or fixing stuff around the house, not every task requires a trip to Target, Home Depot or ten deliveries from Amazon!

Here are 39 “home hacks” and awesome new gadgets that can save you time, money and make !

Dip in Wine Bottle

So you like drinking wine, huh? Well, then you probably noticed that sizable dip at the bottom of the bottle. It seems a little odd, but there are a number of reasons why it’s there. For starters, it’s called a punt or a kick-up, although it’s not exactly clear why it’s called that. In any event, it makes the bottle a little more stable, so it won’t fall over and break with a slight touch or a strong wind if you happen to like taking a bottle on a picnic. Having the punt at the bottom also makes the bottle stronger so it can hold up to higher pressure if there is champagne or sparkling wine inside. The punt also makes it easier to distribute steam while cleaning the bottle before the wine is poured into it, ensuring that your wine is as pristine as possible.

Loop in Back of Shirt

First of all, this doesn’t apply to garden-variety t-shirts. Surely, you own at least one nice, collared shirt that has this mysterious loop in the middle of your back. We actually have the Navy to thank for the loops on our shirts. Believe it or not, there isn’t a lot of closet space while you’re out at sea, so sailors would have loops on their shirts so they could just hang them on hooks. College kids in the 1960s also utilized the loops, as they could hang up their shirts and keep them neat and wrinkle-free while at the gym. Today, manufacturers put them on shirts as a sign of class and quality. Also, you may have noticed that young ladies sometimes pull the hooks of boys they like, so there is still a practical reason to have these on our shirts.