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Hilarious Family Photo Attempts Ruined By Pets

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If you have pets, it’s pretty likely that you’re always trying to snap photos of them and with them. After all, pets aren’t just adorable. They’re members of your family, and they definitely deserve a spot in family photos! But here’s the thing about trying to master photos with pets: animals are totally unpredictable.

Trying to get the perfect photo takes work, even with humans. Add pets into the mix, and you’ll literally be trying to herd cats! Pets can wander in and out of the shot, pop up unexpectedly in the background (or, even worse, the foreground), or cause a scene right in the middle of the camera’s flash. And that leaves a lot of material on your camera roll — along with plenty of hilarious pictures that make for some really great memories.

Check out these unbelievably funny family photos that were completely ruined by pets. From photo bombs to totally unexpected and inappropriate pet behavior, these precious life moments are certainly even more memorable now!

The Laughing, Fighting Family

Have you ever tried to take a nice, posed family photo that includes your pets? Well, trying to accomplish this is nearly impossible. You need your family members to behave and smile at the same time, and you also need your pets to sit quietly and nicely.

And as you can see in this laugh-filled family photo, that doesn’t always happen. Instead, this family’s dogs created the perfect storm by starting a fight right when the camera started snapping photos. The end result is a hilarious contrast between the hysterical humans and the angry pups.


The Totally Crazy Eyes

Getting all of your human family members to smile and look in the same direction isn’t easy. But sometimes, they pull it off magically — just like the well-coordinated family seen here.

Unfortunately for this family, their dog had different ideas. Even though they managed to snap the perfect photo, the pup is the center of attention. The dog’s crazy eyes, sharp teeth, and totally weird face take this photo from sweet to totally ridiculous.