30 Hilarious and Unintentional Selfie Photobombs

The relationship between selfies and photobomb has long been a complicated one. In a way, attempting to photobomb someone’s selfie is a form of protest. Of course, it’s sometimes all done in good fun if you’re trying to photobomb a friend, but it’s a little disrespectful when you purposely try to ruin a stranger’s photos by implanting yourself in the background. It’s almost as if you’re trying to prevent the selfie from happening.

That being said, not all photobombs are intentional. Sometimes you think you’re taking a normal selfie and something or someone accidentally wanders into the background. In a way, those photobombs are far more funny and entertaining than the vindictive photobombs that are done on purpose. To provide evidence of that, here are 30 hilariously unintentional selfie photobombs.


Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

We know that this isn’t a sex shop, but it’s unclear why this man is holding something akin to something you might find in a sex shop. However, it’s unclear exactly what this item is. Nevertheless, you can tell by the expression on this guy’s face that he recognizes what’s in his hands. More importantly, you can tell by the expression of the woman who is accidentally photobombing that she’s thinking the exact same thing. Obviously, she wasn’t expecting to be in this photo, but she was inexplicably drawn into the background and is so shocked at what she sees that she’s frozen in her tracks.


Beach Ballerina

Sure, this looks like a typical selfie on the beach, but tucked in between this couple is a little girl standing on one foot practicing her dance moves. Obviously, there’s no intent here, and this is probably the furthest in the background you can get while still qualifying for a photobomb. You also have to give a fair amount of credit to the couple in this photo. If they were standing closer together, we’d never be able to see the girl in the background. Good thing they’re not that close and aren’t that big on PDA.