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Hershey’s Unveils Chocolate Whoppers Candy Bar

Hershey’s is the most iconic chocolate brand in the entire world, and they are still coming up with new and exciting chocolate candies and collaborations. Hershey’s newest candy bar is actually a mix of milk chocolate and Whoppers candy. This chocolate bar will be both filled with creamy milk chocolate and crunchy Whoppers candy bits inside.

Whoppers are known as the original malted milk balls, which are covered in a thin artificial chocolate coating, which is not actual chocolate. Each malted milk ball is a little less than an inch wide, and have long been a popular candy choice for moviegoers. The crunchy candy was first introduced by Hershey’s in 1939, and has remained the same ever since. This versatile candy is also popular as a topping on cakes and ice creams.

Even the wrapping of this candy bar proudly displays the texture collaboration. One half of the packaging is in the traditional Hershey’s brown with silver lettering, while the other half is cream with dark brown lettering like the Whopper’s candy box. The ends of the packaging have tips of red and each bar is about two and a half ounces.


Food centric social media pages have recently been posting about the new chocolate bar, which is long and thin. The new candy bars have also been spotted on store shelves, although it’s believed to be available exclusively to Walmart stores across the country by the end of September.

There is not much information about the candy bar sizes or a potential retail price, as chocolate giant Hershey has remained coy about the new product release, although it is real and it is out there in the world for customers to buy.  This is also not the first candy mashup collaboration for Hershey’s and Whopper, which released the Hershey’s Whopper Twosome back in 2005.