Heinz Mayochup is Coming to the US

For years, there has been a healthy and often heated debate about which condiment is the best: ketchup or mayonnaise. One solution to this debate was to combine the two into “mayochup,” a pinkish mixture that is the result of mixing mayonnaise and ketchup together.  Now, that even ore controversial condiment is making its way to grocery stores across the United States in an official compacity.

Heinz Ketchup recently announced that due to popular demand, the new condiment Mayochup would be hitting grocery store shelves, after being released first in the Middle East, where photos posted to social media made it go viral.

Heinz then posted a vote online, asking fans to decide whether this new condiment should be available in the United States and fifty-five percent of the vote, nearly five hundred thousand people, voted yes. It has not been publicly announced when the new condiment will be available in stores, although hints have been dropped that the new product will cost under three dollars and the word Walmart was also thrown around the rumor mill.

There is currently another vote on the Heinz Ketchup Twitter account to see which city will be the first to experience this new condiment in an official bottle instead of a homemade version. The mayochup will also be available to online retailers like Amazon for those folks who don’t want to wait for their local grocery store chain to get it.

There is also a possibility of the winning city getting a mayochup food truck, complete with samples of the new condiment available, exclusively for the winning city. Now, fans of mayochup can get excited about bringing this condiment to their own hometowns.

While, this is good news for hardcore mayochup lovers, it also means that customers will have an even tougher decision to make on the condiment aisle, whether to buy ketchup, mayonnaise, or mayochup. The other condiments will still be sold separately, and there is no indication of how this might affect future condiment sales.