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Harry Potter Wrapping Paper Exists

The term Christmas is July exists, and it seems every single year that the Christmas foods and decorations appear on store shelves earlier and earlier. Sales for Black Friday and other holiday discounts seem to start sooner and more frequently. Another important part of Christmas is wrapping paper, so people can rip it off to open their presents on Christmas morning.

This year, fans of the popular book and film series Harry Potter will be able to add a little more magic to their holiday presents, with a new line of Harry Potter-inspired wrapping paper. The wrapping paper is made by Mina Lima’s Wizarding Shop in the United Kingdom. Each wrapping paper comes with two folded sheets, each 50 x 70 cm and has a retail price of seven dollars.

Some of the patterns pay tribute to the most recognizable parts of the series, like the newsprint from the many issues of The Daily Prophet, which the characters read and refer to throughout the series. Another is a replica of the Marauder’s Map, the secret map of Hogwarts that Harry uses to sneak around and in and out of Hogwarts, which was originally made by Harry’s father and his friends.


Fans will recognize the golden snitch pattern from the Quidditch game, and there are many books from the Hogwarts Library on one piece of wrapping, even some from the Restricted Section. One surprise wrapping paper is of the Black family tree, which is briefly seen in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, at 12 Grimmauld Place in London, and is actual tree branches connecting all the wizarding members of the Black family, including Sirius Black, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Narcissa Malfoy. The disowned family members are burned off and Sirius shows Harry where his face and name used to be.