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Hallmark Unveils Harry Potter Hogwarts Tree Topper for Christmas

The holiday season is upon us, and the Christmas decorations are already hitting store shelves around the country. Stores are unveiling all of the trendy Christmas ornaments, lights, stocking stuffers and potential gifts for family and friends. Popular cardmaker Hallmark is one of the best and most recognized places to buy these kinds of holiday trinkets.

Hallmark recently made headlines for announcing a new Harry Potter inspired Christmas decoration, and so, naturally, potter fans loved it and made the decoration go viral on social media. The new decoration is a replica of Hogwarts, the magical wizarding school that Harry Potter attends for seven years in the popular book series.

The decoration is actually meant to be a Christmas tree topper, as it’s a massive replica, although it has been scaled down significantly to fit on top of a holiday tree. There is a base of green rocks which sit underneath the buildings of the school, including the illuminated Great Hall, Gryffindor Tower, and the various over towers and structures.


The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry tree topper has a plug in the bottom so it can easily be plugged into an outlet. When it’s lit up, the various buildings illuminate yellow inside, and the base is a clear blue with individual lights surrounding it.

The Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament 2019 Harry Potter Collection Hogwarts Castle Musical Tree Topper has a retail price of $119.99 and is also available on Fans of the Harry Potter books and movies should be sure to buy this tree topper quickly, as it is sure to sell out fast.

In addition, Harry Potter character ornaments are also available, like Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger and Ron Weasley. People can also plug these characters into the Hogwarts tree topper and the characters will give interactive performances based on the first film, “Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone.”