Get Ready For The Newest Trend Sweeping The Internet—Heaven Help Us!

First, we had the flip flop socks.  Then we were introduced to the nose cozy.  Now there is another rather unconventional trend on the market, that will raise more than a few eyebrows.  The newest addition to get your feet styling and profiling is none other than the ankle scarf.

The marketing dynamic on this one is that no one should have to sacrifice style just because the weather is cold and blustery.  If you still want to wear those pedal pushers—go for it!!  Now you can keep your ankles warm with tying an ankle scarf around them.  Problem solved.

The ankle warming trend was first spotted in the Milan-based publication Lercio.  Although there are currently no scarves on the market sold as “ankle scarves” per se, one could probably use a kid scarf and make the fashion statement doable all the same.

Image: Petty Mayonnaise

Although this is a pretty new trend, and at this moment still seems to be mainly online rather than in the “real” world, one has to wonder if it will eventually trend outside the internet.  If it does make that Segway into real life, like with previous trends, it will not be long before we are sure to see Americans sporting these ankle scarves everywhere we turn.

Then again, if the scarves make it into the real world, there are sure to be those who will jump on the trend and ride it for all its worth—no matter how short-term that may be.  However, why would one go so far as to wrap their ankles in scarves, when they could just as easily wear long pants, or even just put on taller socks?

Like with most trends, there doesn’t seem to be a real obvious reason as to what hits and what doesn’t.  But, with the ankle scarves, it is almost assured if they do trend here in the US, it may very well be a short one.