Gerard Butler’s Fallen Franchise To Start Another Trilogy

When the studio released the first of it’s Fallen franchise, 2013’s Olympus Has Fallen, let’s just say there was no love lost with the critics.  However, the film, along with its two following sequels proved to be massive global box office successes.

So much so, that the three films collectively grossed over $500 million at the box office.  Granted, what needs to be understood here is that most of that was garnered overseas, which in and of itself plays into the future of the film franchise tremendously.

Image: Mash Viral

The overwhelming global success of the Fallen franchise has given the film’s producer, Alan Siegel, a whole new set of options for future sequels.  In fact, it has been announced that not only is there a fourth installment planned, but a fifth and sixth as well.  Essentially, fans of the films, as well as their main star, Gerard Butler, can look forward to a whole new trilogy to come.

As fans may have noticed, the most recent Fallen entry, Angel Has Fallen, took a little different approach to the storyline.  The powers that be decided to go for a more character-driven approach, and it is expected that this will most probably be continued into the next trilogy.

Image: The Digital Fix

And the plans do not even begin to stop there!  Siegal is considering the option of possibly selling the Fallen franchise to television in the international markets, giving them the opportunity of producing spin-offs series that would star their own local actors.

Siegal also noted that if the spin-off option was given to India, then the star of that TV series could be featured into the 4th Fallen installment—creating a somewhat symbiotic cross-over effect.  It would seem to some as a slightly grandiose goal, but Siegal feels if any franchise could carry the feat off, the Fallen franchise would more than fit the bill.