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General Mills Releasing Halloween Inspired Cereals

With fall just around the corner, it makes sense that temperatures are dropping and stores are rolling out their seasonal decorations and food items. The latest food trends to hit store shelves include cereals which are celebrating Halloween.

Over the years, cereal giant General Mills has released a variety of limited edition cereals for different types, like Reese’s Puffs, Cap’N Crunch and more. Most of these cereals tend to have both unique flavors and interesting shapes, usually in the form of Halloween monsters.

This year, General Mills has released two limited edition Halloween inspired cereals. The first is Reese’s Puffs cereal with chocolate and peanut butter puffs that are shaped like bats. The orange box of cereal also has Halloween decorations on it, from a large orange bat shape around the title or the cereal and a few purple bats scattered around. There is also a haunted house and an image of the chocolate and peanut butter puffs that are shaped like bats.


The next limited edition cereal os the Halloween Crunch, a spookier version of Cap’N Crunch. The sweetened corn and oat cereal had puffs which are shaped like ghosts and have little bits of color embedded in them which will turn your cereal milk lime green after pouring a bowl together.

the box is very dark blue with little black bats in the top left hand corner, and the title “Halloween Crunch” in an erie font. The Captain himself also looks like a ghost, and an example of the green cereal milk is also shown on the box. Both cereals will retail for a similar price as its other cereals, and there is currently no date for when these limited edition will be available or how long they will be on store shelves across the country.