FRIENDS Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Rumors Of A New Home

The late 90’s-early 2000’s hit show FRIENDS has not lost a beat since it officially ended back in 2004.  I guess when the shows opening song said “I’ll be there for you,” it really meant it.  Here we have the sitcom celebrating its 25th anniversary, and it is still going strong.

Some of that momentum is admittedly due to the show still being in syndication.  However, the main factor for its continued popularity lays solely on the fact that in 2015, Netflix presented the complete series on their streaming video site.  With this move, they brought the show to the attention of an entirely new generation of fans and viewers.

Unlike other popular series, FRIENDS has not had to add any new seasons or offer up a reboot featuring new actors or even characters.  There have been rumors of a reunion special, but as of yet, nothing has gotten off the ground. However, FRIENDS maintains its momentum.

Image: Vox

Currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, the momentum may increase, turning FRIENDS into an unstoppable juggernaut.  Why, you ask?  It would seem that the creators of FRIENDS have stated they more than approve of the moving of the show from its current home on Netflix, over to HBO Max.  Why would they even think of a move you might wonder?

It would be because Netflix is no longer the only streaming service on the block, and as if adding insult to injury, it is not the biggest anymore as well.  The stature of the streaming service will be put to the test, if not at risk, in the coming year.  The up and comers to the streaming venue have decided, in the effort to build up their own newly introduced services, are quite frankly taking their original programming back.

Image: Variety

What does this mean for FRIENDS?  It means they may very soon be headed over to the HBO family, and as such, may become a daily staple for their subscribers and viewers alike.