Firefly Reunion 2.0 On Nathan Fillion’s ‘The Rookie’

Although the iconic tv series, Firefly, was short-lived, having only lasted one solo season on Fox, the love fans have for the show has more than endured.  It was because of the fans that the show had the one follow-up movie that it did, that of Serenity.  It is because of this same unfaltering, die-hard commitment that mini-reunions involving those actors who starred on the show pop up here and there.

Image: Everyeye Serie TV

Nathan Fillion, who portrayed the leader of the rag-tag crew, Malcolm Reynolds, has made it a habit of bringing his fellow Firefly cast onto his shows as guest stars, and he continues the course.  In the first season of Fillion’s newest series, The Rookie, he was reunited with Firefly alum Sean Maher.  Many fans may remember that Maher’s character, Simon Tam, more often than not, butted heads with Fillion’s character on the show.

The announcement for this season’s reunion was made via Instagram, by Fillion himself.  And anyone who has followed Fillion on his social media accounts would not be surprised that Fillion chose to make the announcement in a very untraditional manner.  In the post, we learn that the person in question is, in fact, Alan Tudyk, known lovingly as the ever witty Wash on Firefly.

Image: TV Insider

Tudyk and Fillion have remained very close friends since their days traveling the ‘verse, having not only participated in the Serenity movie but has also appeared in a web series titled Con Man.  Known for being the choice for providing more of a comic relief character than a straight man, it will be fun and exciting to see how Tudyk’s appearance on The Rookie will be presented and played out.

We have been given a little insight into his guest role character.  According to ABC, the series producer, Tudyk, will be portraying Ellroy Basso—someone who will be teaching Fillion’s character a little something about law enforcement by way of “schooling Nolan on the art of crime scene cleaning.”

The Rookie airs Sundays this fall at 10 pm ET.