Edible Cookie Dough is Now a Thing

It’s no secret that raw cookie dough is absolutely delicious, but it is also bad to consume raw. Well, now there is a company who is selling raw cookie dough by the pint load, and it’s completely safe to consume. That company is The Cookie Dough Cafe, and people can order a bunch of different varieties of cookie dough and have them shipped right to their door.

The Cookie Dough Cafe offers high quality, gourmet, edible cookie dough, and the company was founded by sisters Joan Pacetti and Julia Schmidt, who advertised their product on the popular television series “Shark Tank” back in 2014.

The company offers single serve sizes of chocolate chip, Oreo, monster (with M&Ms), confetti cake, naked dough (plain) and brownie batter.  The single-serve sizes also include a helpful spoon carefully hidden within the lid of the tub. These products can also be found on grocery store shelves across the country, thanks to “Shark Tank,” and is available at major retailers like Walmart, Target, Kroger, Food Lion, as well as regional grocery chains as well.


This gourmet edible cookie dough is also available for purchase in four-pack snack packs, for people who want a smaller serving of edible cookie dough. The reason why the cookie dough is edible is because it has already been safely baked, although it still tastes and has the consistency of cookie dough.

In addition to selling edible cookie dough online, The Cookie Dough Cafe is operating a scoop shop in Portland, Oregon, so you can get your edible cookie dough goodness in person as well. Companies can also apply to sell this cookie dough wholesale if they want. Another option is to rent a cookie dough cart, which is a small freezer on wheels filled with various cookie dough flavors, which is a great option for parties and let other people enjoy it as well.