Dutch Man Tries To Change His Legal Age

There’s an inspirational quote that says you’re only as old as you feel, and one man from the Netherlands wants to make it official. Emile Ratelband, whose website describes him as a motivational speaker and author, is going to court with a lawsuit to have his age legally changed. He’s 69 years old, but says he feels 49.  Why get it legally changed? He says that he’s discriminated against because of his age and he doesn’t like lying. If he was officially 49, Ratelband says he would be able to get a new house, drive a different car, and work more. He also brought up Tinder and says that women don’t respond to him. As a note, he is quoted as saying that he “gets women from 68, 69,” so he’s clearly seeking women who are younger. Also, on his website, he says he’s in a relationship with “the woman of his dreams,” but either they have an open relationship or that info is outdated.

Ratelband supports his lawsuit by pointing out he looks younger than he is and that his doctors say he has the body of a 45-year old. He believes age is no different than gender, which have become more fluid in recent years. When Ratelband tried to get his info changed at town hall, they repeatedly turned him down, thus the lawsuit. If he were to win his, Ratelband would change his official birthday from March 11, 1949, to that same month and day, but in 1969. It would cost him his pension, but it’s worth it, apparently. This isn’t the first time Ratelband has butted heads with the government; when he tried to register his twin children’s names as “Rolls” and “Royce,” officials refused, though following a web search, the boy (Rolls) and girl (Royce) do have those names. 

The court is expected to make a ruling in the next few weeks. Ratelband, who styles himself as a “positivity guru,” is excited about the prospect of legally getting two decades shaved off his age. He denies accusations that this is all a publicity stunt and says he will “have hope again” if the court decides in his favor.