Duncan Hines Introduces Oreo and Chip Ahoy Cakes

There are lots of options for desserts out there, but none are more popular than cake. It’s a staple on birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Also, one of the more popular toppings for cakes is different types of candy. Now, Duncan Hines is combining the idea of cake and candy into helpful single serve cakes which can be made in the microwave.

This idea of combining two dessert favorites is not new. Combining candy with yogurt and selling it all in one single serve container has been a staple of the yogurt aisle in grocery stores across the world for years. These Duncan Hines single serve cake in a cup desserts are a great snack on the go, as they can be ready in less than one minute when popped into a microwave.

The new products are part of the Perfect Size for 1 dessert collection, except now the flavors include popular candy brands like Oreo, Honey Maid and Chips Ahoy. Each flavor has a small, clear plastic top with cookie crumbles inside on top of the cake mix underneath. So, everything is available in one small package.


The Oreo flavor has the Oreo logo as well as bits of Oreo pieces floating around on the label, which has a dark blue background just like a case of Oreo cookies. The cake flavor is also cookies and creme which goes well with Oreo pieces.

The second flavor is a chocolate chip cookie cake mix with Chips Ahoy! cookie bits on top of it. The label is also similar to the Chips Ahoy! cookie label, with the cookie logo, red exclamation point, a light blue background, and bits of cookie bits around it.

The third flavor is a s’mores cake mix with bits of Honey Maid graham cracker bits in the mix. The label has the Honey Maid logo with bits of chocolate chips and graham crackers.