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Dominos Pizza Hiring Garlic Bread Taster At $20 An Hour

This may be the granddaddy of all jobs!  In the land down under, Dominoes pizza posted a job on Linkedin on Tuesday, that might be a bonafide dream job.  The job description—garlic bread taste tester.  The pay—wait for it $20 an hour!

The pizza chain, based in Brisbane, Australia, posted the position stating they would pay the individual chosen $30 Australian ($20 American) an hour—including a pizza lunch.  The job entailed that the individual would taste-test garlic bread for the company for one day at their regional headquarters.

Worried that you are not able to apply for the position, because you live on the other side the country? Don’t fret!  If you are the chosen applicant, Dominos has stated they will put you up in a hotel and pay for a domestic return flight if by chance you do not live within driving distance of their headquarters.

When asked what prompted the company to place the job posting, and offer the pay rate that they did, the reply was pretty much in the job listing.  That the perfect candidate for the position:

“…understands the perfect ‘crunch to softness ratio’.”

Image: 98FM

It was also said that the candidate would be one that had never met a carb they didn’t like.  Further qualifications included that the candidate’s taste buds must be functional, and have burned their fingers not less than one time, having not waited until the garlic bread cooled down.

An additional added qualification is that of a self-proclaimed food critic.  The listing states the perfect applicant:

“…has a history of reviewing other people’s food choices rather solicited or not.”

One of the most iconic items on the pizza chain’s menu is its garlic bread.  During National Garlic Bread day last year, the Australian wing of Domino’s sold an estimated 42,000 orders of garlic bread.

As if the job of taste testing garlic bread wasn’t perfect enough, the chosen individual will also be given the exclusive opportunity to test taste those products yet to be released to the general public.