Designing Women Gets Its Reboot

It is being reported that Linda Bloodworth-Thomason’s long-awaited reboot to her 80’s hit series Designing Women has officially been greenlighted. However, the order did not come from the original series network of CBS—but rather from rival network ABC.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has decided to pick up the reboot of the original that ended over twenty-five years ago. The original series, which began in 1986 and lasted seven seasons, followed the women of a Georgia based interior designing company

Image: USA Today

Although the characters from the original were very much loved by the fans, the reboot will introduce the audience to a new cast of characters. They will be the next generation in the Sugarbaker line, and they will deal with various problems of present-day America.

The original series never was one to shy away from real-world problems, and it is expected that the reboot will be just as upfront too. Bloodworth-Thomason, who wrote the original series, will be penning the scripts for the reboot.

We may get a few of the original surviving actors dropping in from time to time, for cameos, which would help in bridging the twenty-five-year span from the original series to the reboot. However, the only surviving cast members that may appear are Jean Smart, Annie Potts, Delta Burke, Julia Duffy, and Judith Ivey. Unfortunately, Dixie Carter, Jan Hooks, and Meshach Taylor have since passed on.

Image: Mental Floss

The Sugarbakers have been known for their outspoken, no holds barred opinions, and this generation is expected to be no different. Fans can expect the tackling of such current-day hot-button issues such as the #MeToo movement, income inequality, the continuation of women’s rights being infringed upon, as well as their take on deep-seated sexism.

It will be interesting to see how the overall tone of the reboot plays out for today’s viewers. Fans of the original are sure to balk at the new series, but then again, they may like it. Time will tell how well viewers take to this new group of designing women.