Dairy Queen Announces Blizzard Inspired Candles For Fall

Dairy Queen is well-known for having every single combination of ice cream and toppings available for its iconic Blizzard, but now the popular ice cream franchise is expanding those flavor options into a whole new area: candles.

That’s right. Now not only can you taste these delicious flavors that make up a Blizzard, but you can also smell them. The candles even come in the exact same flavors as many popular Blizzards. There’s the Heath Caramel Brownie candle, the Harvest Berry Pie candle, the Pumpkin Pie candle, the Snickers candle, and the Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough candle. All of these candles smell incredibly sweet and exist to capture the essence of autumn in your home.

The candles even come in small blue cases, similar to the blue cups that the Blizzards come in. Also, each flavor has a white label with the name and ingredients of the candle or an explanation of the flavor it’s supposed to represent. Also, the candles have a silver lid which is covered with an image of what the flavor would look like in Blizzard form, or basically a shot of the ice cream and toppings from above.


These candles have only been available for a brief time, and they have already sold out. Although, it’s unclear how many were available, but some lucky social media users can still snag one. According to a statement from Dairy Queen, “The Fall Blizzard Treat Candle Collection has been blown out. And while the scents are gone, the season isn’t over. Treat your taste buds to the NEW Fall Blizzard Treat Menu, and taste the flavors that inspired these candles.”

Customers can also still have all of these mouthwatering scents as the popular Blizzards, in small, medium, and large sizes for as long as the flavors are available on the menu.