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Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Reveals “Friends” Collaboration

The immense cultural phenomenon that was the television series “Friends” continues to make an impact today, nearly twenty-five years after it first aired back in 1994. The series has already inspired a new show inspired Target line and a social media outcry made sure that Netflix will continue to air the series through 2020 after announcing it was leaving the platform.

Now, popular coffee chain The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is celebrating the show with their own line of inspired drinks. In addition to being able to buy the Central Perk coffee bean collection, customers can visit store locations to taste the six special beverages that are each named after a “Friends character.

The first drink being offered is called “The Joey,” and features cold brew tea with mango flavor, makig this is a bright orange drink which is best served over ice. Next up is “The Monica,” which is a cold brew combined with dark chocolate syrup and is marketed as a midnight mocha cold brew. The chain explained that the drink is “precisely balanced flavors of coffee and chocolate for perfectionists like Monica Geller.”


The third flavor is “The Rachel,” which is a matcha latte. Given that matcha is a trendy and popular drink, it makes sense that this would be the drink choice for the it girl like Rachel Greene, plus it matches her last name.  The drink features matcha blended with vanilla powder and milk.

The fourth drink is “The Ross,” which is a classic flat white espresso. This flat white is espresso with aerated milk, and served hot in a tall white cup. The fifth drink is “The Chandler,” which is a caramel coconut latte. He might seem like a black coffee drinker, but he would love this hot flavorful latte with a caramel sauce decoration on top.

The sixth and final drink is “The Phoebe,” is a cookies and cream ice blended, which is basically a party in a cup. The drink is a iced blended espresso drink with vanilla and chocolate cookie pieces mixed in. It’s topped with cookie crumbles as well, for an extra chocolately experience.

All of these drinks will be available at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations until August 31st.