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Code 8 Features Cousins Stephen And Robbie Amell

Stephen Amell may be hanging up his green hood for good, he isn’t letting any moss grow under his feet.  He has teamed up with his cousin, Robbie Amell, for the soon to be released super-thriller Code 8.  However, where they each previously played individuals who possessed superpowers that were deemed a good thing, in their new thriller—not so much.

With the teaser of “Fear is the most dangerous power,” this newest offering from the Amell boys is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The basic premise around Code 8 is the setting in which it is contained — an environment where 4% of the known population is born with a variety of supernatural type powers.  As a result, instead of being considered superheroes or living the lives of billionaires, in actuality, they are discriminated against and, more often than not, live in poverty.  As a result, many of them turn to a life of crime in order to survive.

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Robbie Amell’s character, Connor Reed, is that of a young, “gifted” man who possesses supernatural powers of an incredible nature. Connor is struggling to keep his head above water as he tries to pay for the health treatments needed by his ailing mother.

Stephen Amell portrays Garrett, a member of the seedy drug smuggling underworld who lures Robbie’s character into his web.  As a result, the Amell’s weave their own brand of magic and produce one exciting sci-fi thriller.

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While working for Garrett, Connor has to try and stay one step ahead of a special police militarized unit, whose sole aim is that of hunting him down.

Sure to be one of many blockbusters raining down on the box office, Code 8 is set to open in theaters On Demand with a slated premiere of December 13th.  Just in time for the movie-going holiday season.