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Coca Cola Decides To Forgo Commercial During Super Bowl

After an eleven year run of commercials during the Super Bowl, iconic beverage producer Coca Cola is opting out this year.  They are instead placing an commercial before the initial kickoff of the competition, rather than during the event itself.

This may very well be due to the fact that the going rate at CBS for commercials airing during the massively viewed game is said to be between $5.1 million and $5.3 million.  However, those same ads, depending on their proximity of airing to the start of the game, will only cost from hundreds of thousands of dollars to a few million.  The difference in price is most assuredly the major factor in Coca Cola’s decision to bow out of the during game ads.

Image: Ad Age

Coca Cola’s has stated they intend to air their commercial, which will be approximately sixty seconds long, just before the games kickoff.  Senior Vice President of Marketing Stuart Kronauge stated:

“We have a long history of using the country’s biggest advertising stage to share a message of unity and positivity, especially at times when our nation feels divided.  This year we decided to place our ad just before the national anthem as Americans come together in their living rooms to remind everyone that ‘together is beautiful.’

This year’s commercial offering was created by Wieden + Kennedy, an independent ad agency.  Featured will be animated, original characters whose job will be to remind the viewers the Coca Cola is for all consumers, young and old alike.  The commercial will end using a quote by Andy Warhol, from 1975 stating:

“We all have different hearts and hands; heads holding various views.  Don’t you see?  Different is beautiful.  And, together is beautiful, too.”

Image: ABC News

This is not a new ad, as is usually the case for each year’s Super Bowl.  To the contrary, this same ad ran during Fox’s pregame show of the 2017 Super Bowl—so basically it is a repurposed commercial.