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Celebrities You’d Never Expect to Have a Ton of Pets

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Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is a stunning actress who’s wowed audiences in all kinds of film roles. But few of her fans know that she’s also a dedicated pet parent who loves to be surrounded by animals at home. 

Charlize Theron has always loved animals. As a kid in South Africa, she a whopping 14 dogs living on the family farm. She also grew up with other common farm animals of all sizes, including a rescued ostrich. As an adult back in the early 2000s, Theron had a puppy pack of eight dogs. Unfortunately, all of her dogs passed away within two to three years. In 2011, Theron decided to adopt new dogs — and she’s begun growing her rescue pups’ pack once again.

Today, Theron still has a huge soft spot for dogs. She currently has four dogs living with her in Los Angeles: Tucker, Orson, Denver, and Delilah. And each dog was rescued, with every pup having a truly moving backstory of being found and saved by Theron or her friends. / Pinterest

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert garners tons of attention for her voice and her country music. And like plenty of other country music stars, Lambert isn’t afraid of wildlife. She’s comfortable around pets and farm animals, and she doesn’t shy away from welcoming animals into her life and onto her property.

Yet what many people don’t realize is that Miranda Lambert loves animals so much that she’s actually created something of a farm. She’s adopted six dogs, but at her home you’ll also find a flock of chickens, two pot-bellied pigs, three mini horses, three horses, and three cats. It’s a serious menagerie of animals!

And Lambert isn’t ruling out the idea of welcoming more pets into her home. She told Modern Dog Magazine that she has “an open door policy” regarding animals, and that she’ll always welcome more pets who need a place to call their own. / Pinterest

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars. An actress and a talented musician, she’s always attracting attention, whether it’s for her latest film role, newest song, or upcoming project. But what often doesn’t capture as much attention is Gomez’s love of dogs.

Though she keeps her pets out of the limelight for the most part, Selena Gomez actually keeps six rescue dogs at home: Willie, Wallace, Fina, Chip, Chazz, and Baylor. She’s adopted them from various shelters, giving each one a home because she just couldn’t resist them. She’s a pet parent to various mixes and breeds, and she’s raised them from various ages. Gomez calls herself a “big animal lover,” so it wouldn’t be surprising at all if even more pups found their way into her home!