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Black Adam Is A Go For July 2020

Dwayne Johnson took to social media and geeks fangasmed worldwide!  The Rock himself announced that Black Adam would indeed officially begin production in July of 2020.  The last information we had about the film was over the summer when we were told that the film would be starting principal photography sometime later next year.

However, from the posting made by Johnson, it would appear that DC and Warner Brothers have decided to move their time table up a few months after all.

Image: Heroic Hollywood

This is fantastic news for the fans, meaning that as long as everything goes smoothly with production, we could very well be looking at a summer, if not early 2021 release.  Keep in mind, this is just a hopeful estimation, as neither DC nor Warner Brothers have commented on a possible release date.

In his tweet, Johnson said:

“The project has been with me for over ten years…production begins in July.”

The massive box office success earlier this year of Shazam, as well as Johnson’s participation in the project, are the main reasons that the Black Adam film will become a reality.  And as such, Johnson’s confirmation that production will indeed be starting is more than stellar news to all those DC fans who have supported the concept as well as having been waiting oh so long to hear.

It was pretty much assumed, from the first mention of the possibility of the film being made, that it would be an origin story.  However, those who are developing the script have stated they are taking some twists and turns, and yes, some liberties, with the storyline.

Image: Cosmic Book News

In essence, a character that was initially created to be a villain will morph through the love of his fans as well as the storytellers, into an antihero—one that we had always loved because we could respond to him and his struggles.

This Black Adam, as portrayed by Johnson, will take us on his journey of self-discovery, lead by his own if somewhat skewed moral compass.