Baskin-Robbins Unveils Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos

The temperatures outside are heating up and people are gravitating towards the colder desserts and beverages to cool off. Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts across the country during the hot summer months, and people line up in the heat to ensure they can get a scoop of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or the dozens of other tasty ice cream flavors.

Another way to get your ice cream fix is by eating ice cream flavored sweets, which is a gamble that Nabisco is making with Oreo. The popular cookie brand recently announced that Oreo would be releasing a Mint Chocolate Chip flavor, and not just any mint chocolate chip, but Baskin-Robbins min chocolate chip.

This limited edition Oreo flavor contains the traditional Oreo cookies with artificially flavored mint and chocolate creme with chocolate chips inside of it. The flavor and the ice cream collaboration is new for Oreo, but the flavor isn’t entirely new. Mint Oreos are actually a rather popular flavor for the cookie, and even exists in Oreo Thins flavors and the seasonal Peppermint Bark flavor during the holidays as well.


The Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos will be arriving on grocery store shelves by the middle of July, including major retailers like Target and Walmart. This new flavor will also be a limited edition item, although Oreo hasn’t announced how long Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos will be available in stores or how the run will be impacted if the new limited edition flavor is super popular with consumers.

The Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos will also be the final of three new summer flavors for Oreo, and it will also be the only option without any marshmallow. In early May, the cookie brand released S’mores Oreos which is a returning flavor. The second flavor is Marshmallow Moon, which is a celebration of fifty years of the first landing on the moon.