At-Home Remedies For Dry Eye

We have all been victim, at one time or another, of the dreaded dry eyes.  And as anyone who has endured the ailment can tell you, it is not one you would wish on your worst enemy.  The burning, the itching, and the constant feeling of having grit in your eye can pretty much push you to the edge.

Dry eye is caused when your eyes are not producing enough tears or even the right quality or consistency of tears.  The result is that your eye does not have the much-needed lubrication it needs to function effectively.

If you find that you, or someone you know, are a frequent sufferer of dry eye, there are a few at-home remedies that might help to ease your discomfort and pain.  Let’s take a look at several below.

Image: St Lukes Eye

Warm Compresses

This particular remedy is used for multiple ailments, and dry eye is one of them.  By placing a warm compress on your eyes, you will help with the circulation of blood through the veins around your eyes, which in turn can help to aid in the stimulation and production of natural tears.  The compress also helps to release oil through the glands in your eyelids, which helps to improve the quality and effectiveness of your tears.

Eyelid Washes

It is essential to know that by keeping your eyelids clean, your body will be better able to produce a much better quality of tears for your eyes.  Don’t let the idea of cleaning your eyelids put you off—it is easy.  Simply lather up some shampoo or soap, and gently rub it into the base of your eyelids and then rinse with warm water, and you’re done.  Repeat morning and night to help prevent dry eyes.

Coconut Oils

Coconut oil is pretty much a staple of any pantry these days, and it great for use on dry eyes.  The oil helps to form a protective layer over your tear film layers, which then aids in reducing if not preventing evaporation.  Coconut oil is also great for the reduction of inflammation that can irritate the eyes.