Argentine Mice Living The High Life On Pilfered Half-Ton Of Marijuana—Say What?

When an Argentinian officer was asked to explain the mysterious disappearance of twelve hundred pounds of marijuana he simply answered—the mice ate it.

In the town of Pinar, which sits about forty miles from the capital city of Buenos Aires, a group of officers was tasked with the duty of protecting a warehouse full of drugs.  One of the drugs they were protecting was a whopping twelve hundred pounds of marijuana.  Marijuana that went missing during the officers watch, with no real idea how.  Although the officers maintain their innocence, like everyone else they are just as baffled as to how the mice consumed almost half a ton of weed.

Image: Shortlist

Two years earlier, the warehouse was home to 13,220 pounds of weed registered by local authorities.  What the eight officers who claimed the mice ate the marijuana do not realize is that forensic experts so much as explained that there is no way the mice mistook the weed for food of any sort.

The missing almost a half-ton of the weed was discovered when the impound warehouse was looked over and inspected due to suspicion in illegal doings.  Initial suspicion fell on the city’s former police commissioner, whom when he left his position in April 2017 had also left the marijuana unsigned for.

When the new incoming police commissioner noticed a shortfall in the amount of inventory listed in the warehouse, he contacted the force’s internal affairs division, who then proceeded with an official inspection of the warehouse.

Image: Huffington Post

When the former police commissioner, along with the eight officers were called before the judge, they stood by their claims of the missing marijuana being eaten by the mice.  It is now up to the judge to determine if the marijuana was indeed eaten by mice, or taken by an unknown person or persons.