Andes Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches Now Exist

Most people are familiar with Andes Mints, those small, rectangular shaped chocolates usually very popular around the holiday season. The original chocolate Andes mint has a thin layer of mint creme in between two layers of milk chocolate, wrapped in a deep green film covered with the Andes logo.

Over the years, Andes has alos unveiled new flavors for these Andres mints, like caramel and candy cane. However, they have another product which isn’t necessarily new, but it’s getting a lot of attention now. The Andes mint ice cream sandwich.

Ice cream sandwiches are typically vanilla ice cream in a large rectangle covered with two chocolate wafers on top. The Andes mint version is the same, except the ice cream is is mint ice cream (complete with green color) with Andes chocolate bits inside of it.


One package of this ice cream sandwich comes in a mint green package as well, with Andes mints appearing on one side of the packaging. The ice cream sandwich is distributed by Hershey’s Ice Cream, and is not available in most mainstream grocery stores and chains.

However, social media users have been finding these minty ice cream sandwiches at gas stations, truck stops and convenience stores across the country. On Hershey’s ice cream website there is even a feature to find locations where the ice cream is sold.

So far, customers have found this minty treat in Indiana, Nevada, Pennslyvania, Virginia, Ohio, Illnois, Maryland, Maine, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, Michigan, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

The Andes mint ice cream sandwich is only available in a giant size, and the exact retail price is currently unknown. Also, as this is not a new ice cream sandwich product, it is not limited edition and will be around for a while, although interested customers will have to work a bit to find them in stores.